Video Lives 2013 Hero


Marriott International Chief Brand Officer Brian King delivered a keynote to over 800 marketers, agencies, and brand representatives from around the world at the IAB MIXX Conference and Expo. He gave the standing-room-only crowd a first look at findings from the Tremor Video-commissioned global ethnographic study "Video Lives," and his perspective on the implications for marketers. The video recreates the 30-minute presentation as the audience in the room experienced it (minus the five giant screens), or watch the six minute sizzle reel now.

Designing the 360° Experience

Brian J. King
Global Brand Officer - Marriott International,Inc.

Travel is not transactional — it's experiential. Ad content needs to be delivered in a way that inspires the senses and feeds the soul. The sight, sound, motion and yes, touch, of video is the key to any brand strategy that strives for authenticity with its customers, while at the same time allowing for a good measure of serendipity and discovery. Understanding both the known and unrecognized needs of your customers is paramount in the design and creation of relevant experiences. Co-creating marketing with your customer as the hero generates 360 degree experiences that are smooth, seamless, engaging and energizing. Experiences that are eminently relevant yet full of the possibility for new explorations. In a word: brilliant. Brian will reveal key insights from the point of view of an innovative global brand leader as well as critical new ethnographic research by SonicRim in collaboration with Tremor Video. Together we'll offer you an uncommon peek behind the curtain into the full-circle marketing experiences that inspire. Inspired consumers build brands, and leveraging that power is what video marketing does best.

More insights, revelations, and discoveries coming soon
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